We perform best when our mind and body are in complete synergy. The daily demands of today’s lifestyle and an imbalanced approach to rejuvenating only our body pose a challenge to a student’s capacity to perform to his fullest potential.

Yoga offers solutions to tap into the reservoir of potential of each of your students. Beyond postures, it is a systematic process for growth in its entirety.

Extracting key concepts from Yogic techniques, Zattva is passionate about equipping students with skills to attain positive mental, physical and emotional health. Our programs are designed to accelerate the growth of an individual. This creates a rejuvenated student who is mentally alert, physically capable and emotionally stable to strive through his challenges with

  1. Improved Attention
  2. Quicker Memory
  3. Creativity and Dynamism
  4. Energy
  5. High Confidence
  6. Discipline

 Zattva customises our training curriculum around your goals and works with you towards solutions for today’s students’ challenges. We offer programs in:

1. Creative Development

Creativity is an essential tool to excel in the languages. Unlocking the mental shackles in your students will allow them to grow in leaps and bounds and excel in skills such as creative writing and speaking. 

2. Concentration Development

Developing your concentration brings it under your control and grants you the skill to use it easily when you need it. The techniques shared here will help to tackle attention deficiency problems.

3. IQ & EQ Development

All schools aim to create a student with well rounded growth, both in education and as a person. By working on their emotional and intelligence quotient, this programme helps improve students’ social outlook and affects their interpersonal skills and discipline positively.

4. Memory Development

The Maths and Sciences require good retention and recall techniques to excel in. Discover useful and practical techniques to improve listening, memory and performance. Learn to organise information efficiently, and to practice the skills necessary for effective memory development.

5. Stress Management

Managing stress is all about taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, schedule, environment, and the way you deal with problems. Students often do not have the necessary skills to do this. Let us help your students’ achieve a balanced life, with time for school, relaxation, and fun – plus the strength to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head on.

6. Confidence Building

The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. Negative aspects like stage fear, anxiety, tension and many other phobias can be eliminated by techniques to develop positive thinking and self-confidence.

7. Public Speaking

An assimilation of both Voice Culture & Confidence Building, the Public Speaking Workshop aims to reduce the anxiety and stress related to public speaking. Teaching participants to be in the present moment will help to quieten and stabilise the mind in harmony and peace.

8. Eyesight Improvement

Today’s school demands cause tired eyes, headaches and pain leading to  stress, unhappiness and eventually an unhappy child. Rejuvenate your eyes and enjoy renewed enthusiasm.  

9. Physical Stamina

Use the eight-limbed path of yoga to enhance students’ mental and physical stamina through the development of mental focus, breath control and body awareness.

10. Voice Culture

Voice Culture is a branch of knowledge, which deals with the techniques of right voice production. The practice of our techniques will help analyze and to manipulate the vocal apparatus for voice modulation. In effect, the voice becomes flexible and breathing capacity is increased. 

11. Happy Assembly

This session focuses on connecting with oneself through yoga and laughter, grounding themselves in humility and improving self-confidence.  Through this journey, students will understand their strengths and weaknesses and get centred within.

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