Shankhaprakshalana Kriya

Food Restrictions

Ideally for a month after the practice, all chemically processed, synthetic, pungent, spicy, acidic and rich foods should be avoided. No pickles, sweets, chocolates, ice-creams or soft drinks should be consumed. Milk, buttermilk, yogurt and all fruits, especially acidic fruits such as lemons, grapefruits, oranges or pineapples are strictly not advised.

Alcohol, cigarettes, tea, coffee, betel nut preparations,  and any type of intoxicant or drug should not be taken.

The diet should be as pure, simple, fresh and neutral as possible. It may include foods such as rice, wheat, bread, vegetables, with a low acidic content, nuts, lentil, and other pulses. Afther the Kriya the digestive system is very vulnerable and extra care should be taken to protect it.

Contra-Indications for Shankhaprakshalana Kriya

Those with heart or kidney problems, or high blood pressure should not practice this Kriya. Those suffering from any medical condition should seek guidance from their doctor and Zattva before attempting it, especially those under medication. This practice should also be avoided during pregnancy.

Benefits for Shankhaprakshalana Kriya

Physically this Kriya alleviates digestive problems and tones the liver and other digestive organs and glands. It strengthens the immune system, reduces excessive mucus and purifies the blood. Mentally it calms the mind and prepares the way for higher states of consciousness.

~ adapted from, “Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha, S.S. Sarawati (2008). Bihar, India.